Development of an idea is the most crucial part of any business and its model.


Making the investment of resources to investigate the market is often neglected. However, this can be the most crucial in any start-up.

Management Team

Setting business expectations among your partners and staff is critical to efficiency. This sets roles from day one and guarantees everyone is aware of the outcome under the most common scenarios.

Value Proposition & Validation

Rarely analyzed scientifically, a product, service, or software needs to be investigated and scrutinized to confirm its usefulness and worth.

Funding & Financial Management

Where to get money and how to spend it are very important to a successful business launch. Besides providing internal and external funding, budgets and plans are put in place to ensure fiscal responsibility throughout the initial stages.

Software Development & Architecture

The blueprints of any good business, especially SaaS, is pivotal to its efficiency and long term growth. We work with our experienced engineers and architects to ensure we are using the latest technology. This means using AWS or cloud servers, mapping a strong model, backed by a fail-safe controller, and appealing view (MVC) to the software.


Bottlenecks & Hurdles

Identifying problems can be difficult and once the issue becomes apparent, the solution isn’t always obvious. Whether it’s assessing workload, identifying redundancies, or automating procedures; SW helps find and resolve these problems with a fresh perspective to the situation.

Business Analysis

When dealing with the day to day operations of a business, it can be hard to find time to analyze operations and plans. SW accelerates businesses by researching and understanding the current state of the business to provide expert feedback on any issues.

Strategic Planning

Every business is different and planning has its pros and cons. Depending on the model, we formulate an agenda to execute that has just the right amount of precise action and vision, yet is malleable enough to allow for pivots or changes.


In some rare cases, the only thing that is truly required to take a business to the next level is investment. This can be to increase cash flow for user acquisition or product development. Assuming there are no other inefficiencies, SW assists in providing funding for businesses in their infancy stages.


Market Research & Knowledge

Once established and the business model is proven. SW looks to continue to provide knowledge to the industry by conducting market research and making it available for anyone to access.

Social Impact

The contributions we give to our local community are important to ensure an ever increasing status quo. This includes everything from exchanging information with our local business partners and hosting events that benefit a knowledge hungry fellowship.

Standards & Compliance

When entering a new industry, the law of the land is not always clear. Standards are set by the innovators in the space which allows for equal opportunity growth and compliance for easier consumption of knowledge and communication.

Authority & Authorship

As experience is gained and businesses become an authority in their space, it is important to include transparent authorship. This includes guides, white paper, case studies, article blogging, and social participation.