Businesses are not just built with ideas and technology. It takes a cohesive team that is hard working and eager to consume knowledge. SW has formulated a precise application tracking procedure, followed by onboarding, and continuous training. This system is set up to ensure that we assess each person for their character, abilities, and specific skill set. This allows the standards of our team to be maintained, as well as be elevated with the addition of each team member.


Conflicts and complications exist in every part of business. Ideals and passion sometimes battle business and practicality; product teams and developers have different perceptions and communication techniques, and knowledge gaps and assumptions are any ventures worst enemy. SW looks to resolve that by simplifying business processes and providing pragmatic frameworks. This means everything from researching business pains, formulating plans, funding, executing, and launching.


Failure is just another step towards success and mistakes are the most effective incidents to engrave experience. SW is familiar with both but is also proud of its success. With our knowledge and experience, and the guidance of consultants and experts, we enter each venture with confidence. Our core competencies are in technology and digital advertising but our portfolio is much larger. We have experience in retail, print, and manufacturing just to name a few.