A call center specializing in reselling home services such as internet, TV, and phone to consumers. Now with plans to break into new verticals and B2B services as well.

  • Amilli

A network of content sites reaching over 30 million unique visitors a month. Offering original content and smooth user experience with topics ranging from failed prom pics to best places to hike.


A software for native ads content marketing with the ability to create and scale for 100s of ads within minutes. Allows for universal reporting and automatic trafficking using rules and conditions.



A local directory submission service for businesses. Helping business get their profile google verified and distributing their information to 40+ other directories.


A sales management portal for telecommunication resellers which allows everything from adding leads and orders, to running reports and providing training.



A download network optimizer which aligns traffic sources and affiliates with the most effective creatives, landing pages, and install networks.

OH! Juice

OH! Juice specializes in cold-pressed raw organic juices that are nutritionally engineered to ensure the body gets what it needs to heal itself.