November 19, 2015

It Takes A Village to Raise A Start-Up

When you reach the village and city stage, a few things have occurred with the business (hopefully). Mainly you have found a product-market fit and are ready to prepare to press the gas or are ready to press it. To prepare to press the gas, I understood this as hiring the next few members that […]


Dave & Buster’s – A Race To The Top!

Team Night Out At Dave & Buster’s   Round 1 – They’re Off At The Horse Races!   Round 2 – Skeeball On Machines That Couldn’t Keep Up With How Much We Were Scoring   Round 3 – Moving Super Shot Basketball   Round 4 – Intense Laps Around The Circuit  

November 10, 2015

Must have Chrome extensions for Developers

These Are Three Must-have Chrome Extensions For Any Web Developer. ColorZilla: Available at or directly at the chrome web store is an amazing tool for picking colors. ColorZilla comes with a “Color Picker”, “Eye Dropper”, “Gradient Generator” and some additional advanced color tools. ColorZilla is very easy to use, for Eye Dropper simply click […]

October 22, 2015

Blitzscaling From A Family To A Tribe

Assignment #2 for CS18C. See Assignment #1 for details. In the business start up context, a tribe is a group of families that are motivated by  a vision and  common goal. The time has come for you to add more members to your business and user community  to make it a tribe. A few topics […]