April 11, 2016

Data Driven Headlines That Will Increase Your Shares

Write Perfect Headline

Source: Coschedule

Just because you have amazing content doesn’t mean people are going to read it. Having incredible visual content, research and facts may make your content stand above everything else but if you don’t have an epic headline to help drive traffic to your page then all time spent on a post won’t reach the people you want. To grab people’s attention, you need to have the perfect headline and image to appeal to your audience enough that they’ll click that link.

Coschedule¬†was able to pull over 1,000 headlines from the most popular posts and analyze what headlines performed best on social media. Here’s the breakdown on how to write the perfect headline.

  1. Make it sound so easy it would be stupid not to read it.
  2. Position your blog post as the ultimate guide for the specific information.
  3. Appeal to your reader’s emotion to save money.
  4. Instigate interaction and engagement.
  5. Help your readers save time.
  6. Call out your audience directly.
  7. Focus on a specific use.
  8. Show your readers how to do something better than ever.
  9. Stand out with extensive list posts.
  10. Shock your readers with something unexpected.
  11. Be inspirational.
  12. Build on your previous successful posts.
  13. Intrigue your readers with mystery.
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