October 14, 2015

Why Face-To-Face Meetings Are Essential To Grow Business Relationships

Many businessmen and businesswomen get stuck in the habit of solely using technology to communicate with their fellow partners, clients, and even coworkers. It is an easy routine to fall into, and most people can admit they are guilty of this. It makes sense, humans are creatures of habit and convenience. As sad as it is, most of the time, people will take the more convenient (for themselves) path , to accomplish whatever stands in front of them. However, self-convenience is not always the most efficient way to go, in fact it usually renders in a less efficient result, depending on the situation. Now, by no means am I saying, “don’t use email, Skype, or your cell phone”. I am just saying that there is a time and place for everything and sometimes, a good old-fashioned in-person conversation can go along way.

Some people dread face-to-face meetings, and feel it is a waste of time and money to travel, especially during business hours. However, business does not exist without the interaction of at least two entities, ran by at least two human beings. Business development is the first step in creating a relationship but if you do not nurture that relationship, with personal interactions, that relationship has a much higher chance of a breakup, an possibly an ugly one. Nobody wants to “burn bridges”, and the best way to prevent that is to get on a personal level with whomever you are working with.  Communication is one of the most important factors in business, no matter what the industry, and the most primitive and clear form of this, is spoken through words, in-person. Many emotions, tones, and cues are missed when communicating through a screen. Non-verbal cues are completely out the window, leading to a greater chance of miscommunication and mistakes.

You never know who the person on the other end of your email or phone call will end up being. Meeting them in person, especially in a more casual setting, can open doors you never knew existed. Perhaps you share a common interest, or even have mutual friends. That potentially critical information would have in no way  been realized per the usual technology mediums.  You may ask, ” Why would that be potentially critical information?”.

There are a many potential positive results that can occur, and most are intangible. Creating a personable relationship by finding out that you share the same favorite baseball team can open up possibilities by simply putting you (as a business partner) at their “top-of-mind”. Meaning, they think of you first when a new business opportunity or  arises. Little things like this can jump start a successful business relationship and put you ahead of the competition. Don’t be antisocial or lazy, meeting with your business partners will allow for unfaceted business possibilities.


Source: thepalm